If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have paid for, you may return it with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund or credit your charge card for what you paid for the course or courses.


In these times of uncertainty, it is even more important for businesses to continue to provide essential goods and services to the community. At FedEx, we always deliver to support you and the global supply chain, while ensuring the safety of our customers and our teams. To continue to provide our customers with the best possible service during this period, we are implementing a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express international packages and freight shipments starting April 6.


When Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded DHL in 1969, they did not know that they were going to revolutionize the world of logistics. Today, DHL is the world leader in logistics. Our 380,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories work every day to help you cross borders, reach new markets and grow your business. Or just send a letter to your loved ones.


The history of UPS, the world's largest parcel delivery company, began over a century ago with a loan of $ 100 to power a small courier. Our evolution towards a multi-billion dollar global society reflects the history of modern transportation, international trade, logistics and financial services. Today, UPS is the number one customer, driven by people, driven by innovation. It is powered by more than 495,000 employees who connect more than 220 nations and territories by road, rail, air and ocean. Tomorrow, UPS will continue to lead the industry and connect the world, with a commitment to quality service and environmental sustainability.

Frequently asked questions

We stand out proud to say we have a 100% delivery success rate . Shipping around the World with leading countries been USA / CANADA / UK / AUSTRALIA / IRELAND /FRANCE /CHINA.

Inside the box, items is individually wrapped with at least 2 inches of padding (3 inches is even better) on all sides and placed at least 2 inches from the sides of the box. Fill the spaces with even more cushioning and place the filling on the edges of the box. Packaging material Aluminum foil

Our customers satisfaction and safety is our number 1 priority . We have been doing this for 27 years and happy to say we have an impressive safety records . No customers personal information is disclose on the package . No signature is required to collect your package . It’s perfectly safe .

Our delivery is worldwide . However , it depends on if we accept and confirm your order. 

1-2 days if you are based in North America that is USA/CANADA etc| 1-3 days if you are based in Europe|2 -4 days for orders coming from ASIA

Our Agents

Tony Cardello

General Manager

I am the manager and head of operations . I create and manage our network. I do the planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. Planning: This step involves mapping out exactly how to achieve a particular goal.

Barbara Case

Business Agent

 I manages the  group’s  business affairs. … Business agents spend much of their time negotiating deals for their clients. Some may also help manage their finances and arrange their public appearance schedules.



Welcoming customers, answering their questions, helping them locate items, and providing advice or recommendations. Operating scanners, scales, cash registers, and other electronics. Balancing the cash register and generating reports for credit and debit sales